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i: @auriiace via twitter | any pronouns, art and games somewhat lol

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commission me @ VGEN :)

donate to my ko-fi :)

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> this is not for any goods and service, please donate when you can and of your own free will

Throne wishlist

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if you wish to buy me something, here is my throne wishlist :)


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>1. don't be racist or LGBTQIA+ phobic >2. no nsfw, keep it pg 13 pls (don't mention any slurs) & no trauma dumping >3. respecc is sexc ( refer to rule #1 ) >4. nda info is a nono / don't doxx >5. don’t spam pls >6. english only / little jpn is OK >7. no politics unless mentioned / do not use it as an excuse for hate speech or discrimination against others / no religion talk

q & a

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What tablet do you use and program? >>[XP-PEN Artist pro 15.6]( / [Paint Tool Sai 2]( / [Clip Studio Paint](


>Emotes: me >Follow alert image: [Static]( >Follow sound source: Originally by Josh Kennedy on Vine, [Youtube Link](


>!commission >!kofi >!bitredeem >!socials >!discord >!throne >!program >!tablet

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