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Poppin' along, trying to be the very best like people before me were.


English / かんたんにほんご only (no Kanji yet sorry) ▪ Leave current affairs at the door (drama, politics, world news etc.) ▪ Be civil and respect opinions, common sense applies at all times ▪ If the chat is empty, don't point it out; just let lurkers enjoy their lurk. ▪ We're all here to have a good time - be nice to each other. Any rule breaks result in a message deletion, a time-out and then a ban. Direct all time-out or ban questions to the discord.


[Speedrun F.A.Q.]( - Will you return to playing osu!? Maybe for fun, I could be convinced by the owc team to come back to play seriously again for 2022 but that would be the last time for a long while. - Do you still follow osu!? In passing, yes. I enjoy watching the scene develop and will probably remain at least connected to it even if I'm not playing the game. - What are you planning to do now? Hit the gym, focus on my university degree and my upcoming 4th Dan grading in mid-2024, learn Japanese and enjoy having no weekend commitments.


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