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A wee little baby streamer, streaming games for fun. ^-^

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Hi! Welcome to my channel, it's nice to meet you! I am Bubbles, & I stream as a hobby. I enjoy playing games with my friends, as well as playing solo; really just depends on my mood. ^-^ Currently, I'm really into playing Dead By Daylight & Stardew Valley, but I also play Overwatch, Raft, Viscera Cleanup Detail, & sometimes, if I really feel like it, some Killing Floor 2. No set schedule as of yet, so I stream whenever I feel like it. Hope you like what you see, & enjoy your stay! ^-^ Banners & screens all done by the amazingly talented [Hen]( ^-^ <3 Emotes done by the amazing [Christine]( <3 Currently playing: DbD Stardew Valley Slime Rancher
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I appreciate your presence in the streams! Therefore, know that while donations are welcome, they are never required! They'll go back into the stream, for any upgrades or adding more emotes etc. :) <3 Know that if you do decide to donate, all donations are non-refundable. Please keep that in mind before donating. Considering streaming? Use this [link here]( to download Streamlabs! It's completely free & this affiliate link will help me out with $1 each time this link is used for a slobs download. :)