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Bubbles3592 streams Stranded Deep, Genshin Impact and The Sims 4.


Q: Can I play a game with you? A: Absolutely. I play on the PS4. Friend my PSN gamertag Kitty3592 and play a game that is multiplayer that I am already playing. Choices are limited at the moment but hopefully the future is bright. Q: Do you have a Discord? A: Yes, I do. Click on the Discord Banner panel. Q: Can you join my Discord? A: I can't join everyone who might ask that of me, so we would have to have an established streamer to streamer relationship. Raids, hosts, etc. Then I would do a you join my discord, I'll join yours type thing. Q: Can I play a Civ 6 multiplayer game with you? A: Yes. Message me and we'll schedule a stream. Feel free to ask me more questions to expand the FAQ page.

About Me

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Hey Everyone! I'm Kitty, Bubbles, or Noodles, depending on your preference. Just pick a name. I'm a mother, gamergirl, and mental illness advocate. I have borderline personality disorder and an array of other problems in my life and in the lives of those I love. I promote healthy relationships, whether they be healthy polyamorous or monogamous relationships. Due to the pandemic, my life is in a bit of upheaval currently as I am unsure of scheduling. These are hard times and we will get through them. I just hope I don't fail at something in the process. It's a lot of stress to be under. If you or someone you know is in a crisis, please contact a helpline. If you are unsure of your helpline, you can find information about them here:

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My Pets

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Astra- cat; yellow eyed, black fluffball lady, born 2018. Selene- cat; amber eyed, sleek grey brat, born 2019. A few hermit crabs.

My Games

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> Dragon Age Inquisition > Genshin Impact > The Borderlands series > Skyrim > Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey > Overwatch > Spyro The Reignited Trilogy > Journey > Sid Meier's Civilization VI > The Sims 4 And I have many more I can get into.