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Goal: conquer the world 목표: 세계정복

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Dear everyone, I upviped everyone including streamers so if you've lost your vip don't be sad I'll give it back when this gold fish memory can remember you kek... Anyway I update vips every month for top gifters and donaters so please don't question me why I don't vip you. Also I vip people randomly too. Don't ask me why. I'M A FULL TIME WOMAN AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT THANKS!!!!!!! By Boobly

Wanna watch asian girls without exposing your IP address? Then get VPN!

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[click]( here! USE THE CODE "bubbly" SO YOU CAN GET 68% off 2-year plan + 1 additional month FREE :)

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Subscribe or follow me please so that I can get another dog and sniff both of them at the same time... fr fr..... [click]( the banner...

For unboxing streams

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If you want to send me stuff through **my Amazon wishlist**, click [here]( If you wanna send something that isn't on the list just add an item from the list and add the additional item to the cart then remove the unwanted item! 깜땩선물을 하고 싶으시면 [fancim](으로!! (also you can use this website if you know Korean for sending me stuff haha)

Money juseyo

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[Toonation]( tips and media share, roulette (media share works the best with it) [Streamelements]( TTS, media share [Streamlabs]( media share [Twip]( TTS, media share [Cryptocurrency tips]( ($2/100bits/1000won to trigger TTS) **[MERCH]( get the botatoful merchhhh** ⭐Please note, donations are non-refundable. So stop telling me to refund your $1 dono please I need that $1 D;

About me

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Hey I'm Bubbly! (Savage Botato was my previous name) **I'm originally a YouTuber** but I quit my job cause YouTube sucks your smallest pp. Oh well, I mostly talk/eat/pee in my pants in da strim. What else do you want to see? Comment down below! Oops right this is not foking YoUtuBE aahHAAHA Talk anytime! Don't be shy ^0^


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Q: How are you? A: 10k bits for answer Q: Are you Korean? A: 오빤 갱놤스똬이ㄹ Q: So what are you? A: I'm ABG. Asian Baby Girl :) Q: Do you have a boyfriend? A: I hope so Q: Are you gae? A: No I love guys so much I'm so into guys I like 🌶️ Q: Poop sitting or standing? A: Crawling Q: What does chex mean? A: Shhhh kids not allowed on Twitch! Q: Thicc or Sticc? A: THICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Q: Butt or Boobs? A: I'm a booby streamer but I also have a big phat ass Q: What is the meaning of life? A: