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Official account of Bulbagarden, the original Pokémon Community and home of the Bulbapedia.

Welcome to the Bulbagarden Twitch channel!

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Welcome to the official Twitch channel of [Bulbagarden](, the Original Pokemon Community! We’re most well known for our Pokemon wiki, [Bulbapedia](, but you may have seen us on [Twitter]( or [Discord](! Our team of Twitch streamers provides a variety of content including casual runs, challenge runs, shiny hunting, podcasts, art streams, and charity streams. We cover all facets of the Pokemon franchise, including main series, as well as spinoff games and the TCG. Check out our Schedule tab to see a comprehensive list of all the current/ongoing series we’re streaming. Background music on select streams provided by the [Gamechops]( [Video Game Study Lounge live stream]( Please [visit their website]( for more information on specific musicians and artists.