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Last live 3 years ago

bumbleklee streams Pokémon Red/Blue, Pikuniku and Worlds Adrift.

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My name is **Bumble**, and I am a dork, gamer, and software developer. Video gaming has been a hobby of mine since before I could even read (circa early 1990s playing Super Mario Bros on my cousins' NES), and continues to be a wonderful part of my life. I love both the nostalgia and novelty that games have to offer, and streaming has allowed me to share my fun with a bunch of lovely people. Welcome to the **Honeydoodles** community 🐝 #Schedule Currently on hiatus. Check [Twitter]( or [Discord]( for any announcements!
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Monetary contributions to the stream are never expected, but always greatly appreciated. If, for any reason, you need a tip refunded please contact me directly at Music provided by: [Bensound](