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Texan Streamer & Virtual Mommy 🥕

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#ABOUT Hello, my name is Bunny! It's nice to meet you! I do variety content here on Twitch. I am constantly trying to level up! ✧ /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ I have two cats! Coffee & Yoona! #SOCIAL LINKS ► [ASMR YOUTUBE]( ► [Twitter]( ► [Instagram]( ► [Discord]( #CREDITS ► [Starting soon/Panels ➜ @z_ARTs96] ► [Emotes ➜ Myrallia]( ► [Alerts ➜ Myrallia &]( Kato ► [Badges ➜ Mametchi]( ► [Music ➜ Themetaroom](