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My name is Burial and Burial Rites has been my podcast for the last 15+ years, bringing the HEAVIEST MUSIC that this world has to offer us, now I'm able to bring what I do to this platform with a positive force! Over our time here on Twitch we have also included Gaming, Guitar & music production(for the memes..) to the streams. So if you're into METAL!, Retro, FPS, Platformers, Horror & whatever else i come across and you like what you see/hear don't hesitate to hit the follow button & turn on notifications to know when i'm live! All bits, subscriptions & donations go directly back into the stream for giveaways, merch & vinyl to play for you all on stream! Any and all support is GREATLY Appreciated.
Completed Games on stream: Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja Bloodstained: curse of the moon Devious Dungeon Devious Dungeon 2 Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 *GhostRider,Hulk,Deadpool Raiden III Street Fighter IV *chun li - easy, med, hard *zangief - easy, med, hard, hardest Super Bernie World Currently playing/coming soon: Binarystar Infinity Blasphemous Bloodstained: curse of the moon 2 Contra Anniversary collection Death Road to Canada Double Dragon trilogy Fury Unleashed Galaga Home Sweet Home: Survive Huntdown Left 4 Dead 2 NBA 2K Battlegrounds 2 Phasmophobia Rising Hell Soviet Jump Game Street Fighter IV Terraria