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I speedrun gta III and play retro games. lover of darkness

Goals for GTA III

10:30 sal time sub 1:20:xx any%

World Records and PB's

GTA III - 1:20:34 any% [PS2] WR - 3:54.36 All missions [PS4] 3rd - 44:50 All hidden packages [CONSOLE / PS2] WR - 46:14 All hidden packages [PS4] WR - 17:15 Unique stunt jumps [PS2] WR - 46:48 Rampages [PS4] 2nd GTA III Extensions - Portland 37:35 [PS4] WR - 2:11.09 Any% OHKO [PC] 4th - 1:30.21 Any% dupeless [PS4] 2nd - 21:00 All off-road missions [PS4] 2nd - 15:54 All hidden Weapons [PS4] 2nd

About me

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-Im a 38 year old who loves video games and speedruns GTA III. I've been playing video games for most of my life. I also do cross stitch commissions.
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* No one under 18 please. Adult conversations happen here. * No links. * Be nice to each other (No racism / discrimination). * No backseat gaming unless I ask for help. * No spoilers. * I am a casual gamer. Be nice. * Know that I will try just about every other way to do a thing before doing it the way the game wants me to just to see if I can. * If you ask me to play GTA V, Fortnite, Minecraft, or any other game besides what I'm playing, you're gone.
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I am on around 10-11ish est in the mornings and very late at night.
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My goal is to do this for a living and for that to happen I need your support! :D All support will go to making this channel better!