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I play games I do the art and it's fun ^U^profile pic by

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Hello! Welcome! Buckle up for head empty no thought tiny little pea brain man. I play the games I do the art and I sometimes stream it. My name is Calix but you can call me Cal ^u^ I'm just your local cat demon who loves head pats and feeding off the energy of my viewers >:3

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I WILL CRY (this one shows up on stream)
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If you really feel like it, you can buy me food ;u;

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Dont waste your money ill cry (this doesn't show up on stream)

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Starting/ending screen: Storme Graphics Starting screen music: Volasaurs Sipping pixel art: KittVT Transition Stinger art: Hirochuu COMFEY MODEL BY PUMPINO AND CROW art: rigging: Everythign else: Me i did that