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No mic strimmer with a voice as soothing as Khezu's battle theme. Washed-up Monster Hunter speedrunner, escaped gacha hell but now stuck in charm RNG hell

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Donation alert artwork by [@yuraxmae]( Profile picture by [Kimpring]( Emotes 'cantaWhat', 'cantaHehe', 'cantaEZ', 'cantaFeelsGreat', 'cantaMoustache', 'cantaOw', 'cantaNom' & 'cantaXD' by [RadicalHighway]( Emote 'cantaThuree' by [Nos_Lux]( Emote 'cantaFlex' & 'cantaNap' by [demonstarr13]( Emote 'cantaISee' by [Ravenide]( Emotes 'cantaLurk', 'canta4', 'cantaPat', 'cantaAYAYAnami', 'cantaHi', 'cantaWow', 'cantaDisgust', 'cantaHug', 'cantaWorry' & 'cantaDX' by [Tematown]( 'cantaTriumph', 'cantaPogU', 'cantaRhythmPanic', 'cantaFakU', 'cantaPlsStepOnMeSignora', 'cantaHoSTantrum', 'cantaShrimp', 'cantaDerp & 'paimonTantrum' by [Rangut918]( 'cantaDance' by Akinusuka 'cantaSip' by [Leuccosia]( [Raid alert](