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Marine Vet ( Semper Fi ) Disabled ( not from my time in the marines) living with pretty severe RA (lost my powerplant job due to this) . Have 3 huskies and a pitty, Mostly doing this to connect and hopefully grow a community to enjoy this ride with.


**GAMING PC** **Mobo:** ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR X670E HERO (AM5) **CPU:** AMD 7950X **GPU:** GeForce RTX 4090 **RAM:** 64GB DDR5/6000MHZ **OS:** Windows 10 **Storage:**** **Stream PC** **Mobo:** GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS MASTER **CPU:** Intel i5-10600K **GPU:** GeForce RTX 3080 TI **RAM:** 32GB DDR4/4000MHZ **OS:** Windows 10 **Storage:** 1TB SABRENT GEN4 NVMe **Camera:** ELGATO FACECAM
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Fluffy Fam

**DOGS** **Name:** Major **AGE:** 13 **SEX:** boy **OTHER:** rescue/husky **Name:** Ginger **AGE:** 8 **SEX:** girl **OTHER:** AKC/husky **Name:** Luna **AGE:** 6 **SEX:** girl **OTHER:** rescue/husky **Name:** Chunk **AGE:** 1.5 **SEX:** boy **OTHER:** rescue/pittbull mix **CAT** **Name:** KittyGurl **AGE:** 8 **SEX:** girl **OTHER:** rescue/torti
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Names : Justin ( Cryptowrench ) Brand new to this (7/4/2020) Let the spastic very random streaming sessions begin.
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Come hang out make some frandz and get alerts when i go live and when i start a new giveaway