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I am Jake, a legally blind dude usually rockin' tough games both in visual attention and/or skill needed. Don't let others tell you what you're capable of! More in my info panels.

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I am a visually impaired variety streamer. I am considered legally blind. My better eye is a 20/200 acuity. I play games for fun, and because it dramatically improves my hand-eye coordination and visual recognition. I have hypoplasia optic nerve which essentially means it is underdeveloped. It makes it more difficult for me to recognize what I'm looking at even if I'm able to see it clearly.
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I do my best to focus on and improve the quality of gameplay capture, using a mix of original and FPGA hardware. COMING SOON: Catalog of physical and digital game libraries, including whether it's been played, streamed or planned for stream. PC SPECS: Coming soon CONSOLES (FPGA): [RetroUSB AVS (NES/FC)]( [Analogue NT Mini Noir (NES/FC)]( [Analogue Super NT (SNES/SFC)]( [Analogue Mega SG (SMS/Genesis)]( CONSOLES (OG Hardware): Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Nintendo Wii RVL-001 (Wii/GameCube) PlayStation 1/2/3/4 Sega CD Model 2 CAPTURE HARDWARE: [Analogue DAC]( [AverMedia Live Gamer Ultra]( [RetroTink 2X-M]( [RetroTink 5X-Pro](
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