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I am Carmen_The_Frog, variety streamer, speedrunner, and Duke Nukem (1991) world record holder.


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!sb or !soundboard --- !badumtss | (PUNCHLINE DRUM FILL) !balls | "What if the balls got hard, too?" !bort | "Ah, come on. Bort?" !bussin | "It's about to be b u s s i n" !busting | "Mmmm. So busting!" !crying | *sobbing* Kermit: "What, are you crying?" !cute | "You know you're really cute, but I don't know what you're saying" !dirtyboy | "Dirty dirty dirty!" !doit | "Do it" !duke | "What did the Duke do?" !existentialwat | Whatwhatwhat !froggyassbitch | "You froggy ass bitch" Come at me I'll fucking destroy you" !gameover | "Game over, YEEEAHHHH" !ghosts | Kermit: "Ghosts aren't real, but my lust for blood is." *burp* !inconceivable | "Inconceivable!" !itsthemiddleone | 'You see which finger I'm holding up?" !jarjar | Jar Jar death sound from Lego Star Wars !martini | Kermit: "I clocked out like 3 martinis ago, okay? I am barely conscious" !mash | "Damn that mash looks tasty!" !metapod | "Minecraft is really really really fun and I genuinely enjoy it." (ft. metapodchannel) !mine | "MIne, mine, mine, etc" !motherfucker | "Motherfucker! Yeeaahhhh!" !notsurprised | (GUITAR RIFF) "Well I'm not surprised..." !organ | "And in the right hand I've got a massive organ" (MASSIVE ORGAN) !ow | (GUNSHOTS) "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" !penisy | "Right kid, don't get penis-y!" !sebulba | "ahgugugugugugugu" !theworst | "You're the worst, Kermit" "No YOU'RE the worst, BILLY" !wat | "WAT?" !youwannafngo | "You wanna fucking go, Kermit?" "Yeah, I'll fuck you up!"

Welcome to the stream!

I am Carmen_The_Frog! (formerly known as AkillezII) She/They I like to stream fast games. Here is what I've been streaming lately: Minecraft RSG Any% speedruns (PB 25:XX) Trackmania 2020 Duke Nukem 1991 any% (PB 7:14 - current world record) GeoGuessr