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Hey! My names Tom, I'm a designer, illustrator and musician. I tend to stream music, react to funny videos, make bad jokes and play the occasional game or do art streams.

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Hey there! I'm Tom, a designer and illustrator from the North West of the UK. I stream music, art & react to funny/cringe videos, with the help of chat; all while making shit jokes. Want to request a song? [Check Out The Song List]( [My Discord Server]( [Graphic Design Work]( [My Illustrations](
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Your donations are massively appreciated! They allow me to spend more time streaming as well as improve the quality of the stream. (No refunds) [Make A Donation]( [Make an anonymous dono]( [Check Out My Wishlist]( [Donate Cryptocurrency]( Sounds triggered by BITS || 10 bits - Eternal Disappointment | 100 bits - Hamburger Misogyny | 200 - Crack Cocaine | 500 - Emotional Damage | 1000 - Sexy Fish | 2000 - Lead Balloon | 2500 - GTFO C*NT