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Cash Monet is a drag performer from San Francisco now in Los Angeles! Starting up my stream as a result from the Coronavirus pandemic and 100% of my income suddenly disappearing! I am an artist, creator and dancer. Please stay and support us! Venmo & Paypal @cashmonet1

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**Not Your Average Gamer Girl** Drag Perfomer/Photographer/Twitch Streamer 📸 California ⛅️ Pastel Gore 👾 K-Pop-Up👯‍♀️ @kpopupsf #streamqueens
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BY CLICKING "OKAY, GOT IT!" YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING - THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD! - She/her is the preferred set of pronouns when Im in drag. - Channel suited for mature audiences only. - Be respectful to other users and the streamer. This is an LGBTQIA+ friendly community. Trolling and bigotry will not be tolerated. - Swearing is acceptable. You may be lewd, but not explicit. - Mods have authority to purge/timeout/ban at their discretion without appeal.
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**Wednesday** 6:30pm PST Drag & Drop Live video editing with Cash Monet **Friday** 6:30pm PST Drag Gaming Video Game stream with Cash Monet