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Heyyo! I'm Caspia, a variety streamer with a pretty good microphone and some great friends! Lately I've been playing Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, Valorant, and Destiny 2. Come hang out with us, even if its just for a quick laugh or two!

Thirsty much?

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Hey guys, sometimes in a game or meeting you wish you had more energy, and I have finally found the solution! Dubby here brings you a drink supplement that both brings you energy and focus, while staying healthy! Click the image above to get 10% off your purchase, with the added bonus of 10% of your total going to me! A win-win-win scenario, if I've ever seen one!

Custom Commands

!discord - Provides the link to our team discord! !youtube -Provides the link to my youtube, where I will eventually post some fun projects and stream highlights! !fish - Fishing game! !leaderboard - Pulls up leaderboard for fish game !stats - Pulls up your personal stats for the fish game


1. Don't be a dick. Well, unless your name is Dick, then it will be mildly tolerated. 2. No bots except for Nightbot or Streamelements. Bots will be banned. 3. Don't advertise in the chat, unless it's a multi-stream with the other streamers I'm in game with. 4. Dont follow me with Alt accounts! Sure, it helps the follower count, but what I really need is viewers who come back! 5. No fortnite talk unless that's the current game being played. Easiest rule in the book. 6. Have fun, and just be yourselves. No need to be in the closet about any topic, I'm not one to judge, so sho yourself proud!

Ya like music?

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Hey guys! If you like music as much as I do, then sign up for Epidemic Sound! By signing up, you can use all songs on the platform in your streams and videos without worrying about copyrights! And, if you click the icon above and use my link, you support me and the channel!

Current Setup

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Motherboard Ryzen 7 5800X Radeon RX 6800XT Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 Corsair 1000W Power Supply 4x16 Corsair Vengeance 3200 Mhz Corsair iQue H150i Elite Cappelix XT Water Cooler Monitors: 2x Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ 27” Microphone: Audio Technica AT2020 USB+ Headphones: Sony WH-XB700

Crowd Control

Yo, in some games I enable crowd control! Not only can you get coins for the program through donations, but I've also enabled using channel points! Sure, channel points don't help much for this, but the exchange rate is as follows: 100 points for 1 coin 1000 points for 10 coins 10000 points for 100 coins