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The home of your favorite amateur League of Legends caster: Y4SO! Follow and subscribe to keep up with all the casting and general gaming streams I do!


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My name is JC but I typically go by Y4SO (pronounced yay-so). I am an amateur play-by-play broadcaster with a focus on hockey and League of Legends. Thanks so much for joining me here on my stream and if you want to keep track of whenever I'm casting or just playing games make sure to follow and subscribe!

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Channel Rules:

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- Be nice to others in chat - Don't be excessive with profanity - Respect requests from mods - Most of all: ENJOY YOURSELF!


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I don't remember following this channel / I thought this was the ABL Series Twitch Channel? - I understand your confusion! After leaving the ABL Series, Zohan felt that I should hold on to the Twitch channel I had spent 10 months building and use it to further my casting career. So this is the former ABL Series Twitch that has been converted into my own personal channel. If you want the ABL Series the links are and