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Hey guys! Here are some quick facts about me: Name: Conor Hometown: New York City Age: 22 School: University of Southern California Year: Senior Instagram Handle: @conor.yuen

Fun Facts!

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I have been dancing/choreographing competitively on my dance team Chaotic 3 (C3 for short) for three years now. I am by no means an expert, but I will happily respond to any questions you might have about dance :) I am a huge Kpop fan, and love to keep up to date with the newest releases (I also was once a finalist in the JYP global audition!) When I'm not playing games, I am usually dancing, cooking, working out, or watching TV shows Check our team out on YouTube by clicking the logo above!

Subscriber Perks!

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Subscribers get: * Ad-free viewing * Priority for viewer games * Special flairs and subscriber-exclusive channels on Discord * Subscriber Emotes * Subscriber Badges * Game Analysis * The satisfaction of joining the Garden Gang community! If you would like to subscribe, click the button above or click the subscribe button near the top-right of the channel, thank you!


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Join the Discord and be a part of the Garden Gang! I will be posting stream-related updates (such as unscheduled streams), so it's a great way to keep up to date. The link is also available by typing !discord in the chat


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Donations really help the channel out! If you enjoy the stream, please consider supporting me, thank you.


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Look out for some new Youtube uploads :)