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I make accounts with arbitrary self-imposed rules on Old School RuneScape

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## A/S/L 28 / Nope / Florida ## RSNs * [Caveman Only]( - Underground Ironman (active) * [Im Ulti Mate]( - F2P UIM (inactive) * [HElSENBERG]( - Main (inactive) ## Art *Infographics (!rules, !goals, !raids) by [SneezyCobra](* *Banner, emotes, and sub badges by [Volcaban](* *Alerts and panels by [Nairn Studios](* *Brand logo by [WizardElysian](*
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Donating is a strange but voluntary decision you make to show your support, and I greatly appreciate those of you who support me and the snowflake ironman community! **♛ sherlockness - $2,136.30** **♚ Cdplayr - $1,000.00** **♔ Micah & Ashu - $828.95**