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Beyond Chaos player, over-reactor, and generic streaming dude extraordinaire!

What in the heck is going on?

If it looks like Final Fantasy VI, but obviously isn't Final Fantasy VI, what you're watching me play above is Beyond Chaos, an incredibly thorough randomizer for FFVI. Developed by lead developers Abyssonym, SubtractionSoup, Dracovious, DarkSlash88, and a whole lot of others, this randomizer randomizes pretty much everything. If the bot is in my chat, feel free to use the command !beyondchaos to learn more. Personal best: *Used to be* literally the best. I completed the game with a level average of 38.857, beating every boss except MagiMaster, Atma(the second one, naturally), and Inferno(with Striker and Rough). I am the first of a small number of people to complete this permadeath, and additionally completed it without grinding. In addition, I had my own personal restriction of randomizing Esper equips, allowing each Esper to be equipped by only one character.

Binding of Isaac

I play this game on Wednesdays for now. I'm still working on unlocks. I'm okay at this, I guess. Feel free to give tips, though I'd like to discover "story" progression for myself.

About Cecil188

Heyo, I'm Cecil188. I'm a 26 year old from Southwestern Ontario. I generally like to play RPGs, or high skill and strategy games. I've completed a Bachelor's Degree in Honours Physics.

About Cecil188's Beard

Yo, I'm Cecil's beard. One may think I'm only three years old, but I have existed since time immemorial. I do not bleed, eat, or sleep. I merely wait.