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Hi, I'm Celeste!!! I'm a vtuber girl here to have fun and play games with friends! I've had a ton of fun streaming, and I've met so many great people. I hope you'll stay a while and give me a chance to brighten up your day!

Sub Benefits!

In addition to ad free viewing and emotes, subscribers get to see stories about Celeste that I write over on my website! These stories are available 3 months earlier to subscribers, and can be viewed on my discord server :3 Donations and subs are never required, but I appreciate them a lot! Therefore, I want to do at least something for the people who subscribe ;w;


Donations are very much not expected, but this link is specifically towards money that will go back directly into streams. Supporting via bits and subscriptions will most likely fund games and other things I used for streams, but any money directly donated through streamelements will be put into growth of the stream, such as new assets and artwork! As such, donators will get a role in the discord server that allows them to see work in progress commissions and other teasers so they know what they're donating for. After donating, just let me know in the discord server and I'll give you the role. ~~[Click here to donate to the stream!]~~( Hi! It's a charity stream, so [go here instead~]( Once again, I appreciate donations but they are NOT required.


(Posted here for sake of reference) - Be kind to people. This goes without saying, but no racism, homophobia, etc. in this chat - Don't backseat, spoil, or ask to join. If I want help or people to join, I'll ask - No self promoting unless allowed, don't post sketchy links - Just don't be dumb

About Me

Hi! I'm Celeste, and my pronouns are she/they. I started streaming so that I could fill time between me waking up and friends getting on, but it became so fun that I wanted to keep doing it more and more ;w; That just led to me becoming a VTuber after meeting great people in the community! I hope you enjoy your stay! I try to be cheerful and lighthearted, so I hope you can relax and just enjoy some laughs while I play some games that I love with people that I love <3


Live 2d Model: Art by [Yuzu]( Rig by [Daisy]( Overlay: Overlay by [Ori]( Logo by [Eros]( Catleste by [Nicky]( Alert Gif by [Nate]( Emotes: celest101Small by [Moona]( celest101Heart, celest101Pog, celest101Wave by [TakoYuui]( Other: Secondary models by [Nate](, [Eros](, and [Moona]( Pfp by [Havoc]( Banner by [Moona]( and [Ayomii](