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Hey everyone I'm Chaos4Kos . I am from Canada and am also still new to streaming. I hope you like my content and if you do please hit the follow.

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Hey everybody welcome to my channel. Here we will play a variety of games, but primarily I will be focused on MineCraft and Civilization. My 2 loves in gaming. I am new to the circle of streamers, so if you enjoyed watching give me a follow. Happy gaming all!


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PROPER STREAM CONDUCT! FOR EVERYONE! ALSO CAN BE FOUND ON COMMANDER CODY'S WEBSITE As we all want to be polite to our fellow streamers. Please acknowledge that they may not all be okay with the same things. As it goes, try to just follow a few simple things so we can always be considerate of our friends. DO NOT SELF PROMOTE: Don’t promote any of your social medias or twitch platforms without permission. A lot of people are trying to gain popularity, not have it stolen from them. (Plus, the stream should be about the streamer. Let’s make them feel special) DO NOT POST LINKS OR VIDEOS: This is with the exception of twitch clips taken of the streamer. Do not post youtube or any other videos without permission. It’s distracting to the audience and takes away from the streamer. DO NOT ASK ABOUT PERSONAL INFORMATION: Do not ask age or any other personal info about the streamer that they are uncomfortable with. Save all questions for a DM to see if the streamer is comfortable enough to share that information. DO NOT CRITIQUE SETTINGS AND GAMEPLAY: It’s always welcome to help our friends. Be aware that EVERYTHING YOU SAY can either be said in a positive, or negative manner. Helping people does not mean break them down first then offer help. Try to DM and ask them about it privately so you don’t embarrass anyone. ULTIMATE #1 RULE: The stream is about the streamer and we are all friends trying to show support. Be kind and be courteous.


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ASRock Z730M-ITX Main Board Intel i5-8400 2x4 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2 TB Toshiba HHD Nvidea GTX1060 3 GB Video Card


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My Gaming Career where gamers come to connect. Is a new social site where you can connect with other gamers who share the love of games as you do.


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Come and have fun with me on my Discord!!!


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Come give me a follow and a like for my content based around MineCraft and Civilization. I may do some other things along the way.