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Artist in the Animation industry of Vancouver, BC Canada. Short person, all around lover of hugs, and chronic napper.

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#How long have you been drawing? Basically forever? Idk this is one of the hardest questions ever. But I've been drawing as long as I can remember. I've been seriously drawing since I was 13. #What program are you using? Usually Photoshop CS6 #What tablet are you using? A Wacom 22inch Cintiq #Where did you study art? Capilano University #Where do you work? Wildbrain in Vancouver, Canada Previously at Titmouse and Atomic Cartoons #What do you prefer to draw? Foxes, pretty girls, myself, did I mention foxes? #Do you take commission? I do! However I am currently closed for them. When I open up I will be sure to link to a price list here :) #Do you take requests? Sometimes yes! I will either announce in stream when I am taking them, or will set up a specific stream. Believe me, if I am taking requests you will know ;) #How are you so cool? It's a curse, really. Have a question not covered here? Well then! Feel free to ask away in stream, I am happy to answer any and all questions :)