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Born in California, raised in Arizona and Kentucky, I currently live in Alabama with my husband, Alien, and our 14 cats. I'm a multi-creative with aspirations and endeavors in writing, music, art, and a penchant for Christmas and Punk shit. 🤘

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##Please follow these rules while you are in chat. I or any Mods I have will not hesitate to time-out and/or ban if necessary. + Do not attack other chatters >>This means name-calling, negativity, or accusations of any kind. This also means any kind of slur, or derogatory phrase, is not permitted. I have a 0 tolerance for hatred and discrimination: You **will** be banned on sight. + Do not advertise or promote anyone or anything >>I love helping out other streamers, but I prefer not to do it in-stream. This rule helps me prevent ad-links without having to block links themselves. I like open conversations and sometimes that means referencing what we're all talking about. + Do not argue with mods >>If you are called out by a mod, please respect what they ask of you. They are extensions of myself and will not take any action I would not myself have taken. + Do not use the word 'Autistic' as an insult >>I can't believe I even have to add this, but don't do it. Our son is Autistic, and it is **not** an insult. It is a manner of living, and about as good of an insult as calling someone a spaghetti noodle.