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Hello! :) I'm a weirdo. Stay awhile.

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Hello! My name is Chelsea :) I'm 27 and from Quebec! I love singing, and have been doing it since I can remember. I've never had any professional training. What do I like? :o * Food. I mean, who doesn't like food? * Cats, Unicorns, Pandas, Corgis. Basically I love cute and fuzzy things! * Music... duh. * Video games! * Humor. I love me some puns and jokes. Especially the lame ones haha
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Chat Rules

1. Have fun! That's always the most important rule. 2. Be respectful to everyone. 3. No links please! 4. No spamming!

Stream Interactions

* !songlist (Request a song from the song list!) * !harms (Yes, I am a harmony addict) * !lead (Who needs a main melody?) * !wet (Y'all need a cold shower lol) * !lurk (Go eat your cookies. I won't stop ya) * !spotify (Check out my music on Spotify!) * !youtube (Check out my music on Youtube!) * !merch * !followage * !door (And the door opens again...)

What do I stream? :o

- Singing & Music - Genshin Impact - Bayonetta More to come! :D


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* Never solicited nor expected. * If you decide to donate, don't forget to leave a message! (no profanities though, please) :)


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