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Doing stuff while waiting for stuff to be done.


1. Don't be a prick. 2. EN/ES stream and chat only please. However, expect most content to be in English. 3. PG-13 stream and chat, some mild swearing may occur. 4. While I'm happy to demonstrate my hand tracking when available, don't ask me to make rude or obscene gestures.


* Alert icon: [DebyTheLazyTree]( * Model hoodie: [にっちり~ん" (Nicheleen)]( (edited) * Model body texture and chair: [ArgamaWitch]( * Blue ripples background: [Videvo]( * Audio alerts: SEGA * Not ingame music: Various Sonic Games, Persona 5, Lud and Schlatt's Musical Emporium, Lazuli Dracaena's BGM collection vol​.​1 by Nocti All other custom art (including model design and emblem) mine (unless I forgor). (v1) * Intro/brb/outro art: [Meloewe]( * Alert art: [alex_yz](

Calling me

1. I prefer he/him/his. They/them/theirs is fine. 2. You can call me Chrezm. Some of my friends also call me Iuvee (uppercase i, not lowercase L). Both are fine. 3. I prefer Chrezm pronounced as CRE-sem (CHR pronounced like Chris). TRE-sem (CHR pronounced like Train) is fine. 4. I prefer Iuvee pronounced as iU-vee (like the English letters U and V). AI-vee (like the word Ivy) is less preferred.