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I am a rising star Twitch streamer & Youtuber - I live and breathe games, and love to talk about them all!! Chippy by day, gamer by night

Intro and Info Shiz

Sup Peeps, I'm Chrome, thanks for coming to hang out and watch me play games and talk shit, haha I also have a Youtube channel that I put up videos on as well. So if you miss anything cool check it out because it'll probably be on there. Please feel free to chat in the stream, everyone is really friendly. Also if you wanna see when I live stream, hit the follow button and your Twitch will notify you when I go live. You can also check out my Facebook and Twitter that will have updates of my livestreams and video uploads aswell. Sit back, relax and enjoy the stream! Facebook: @chromecapture Twitter: @SheaWilkins9 Instagram: @chromecapture Channel Goals Achieved First Legend!! - thekookykatie 50th Legend - aaron3796 7/7/2018 - Became a twitch affiliate 100th Legend - patrickwalsh20 10th Sub - ThePoap First 5 Subs that have achieved elite legendary status!! 1 - thekookykatie 2 - GenEvans 3 - dushera 4 - k43d 5 - super_epic_moo_cat

Chrome's streaming schedule

I tend to stream every night except Wednesdays and Sundays, Tuesday night is always a Minecraft stream, so if you enjoy Minecraft i suggest you tune into the stream on Tuesday nights. Most stream times will start between 7-8pm AEST and go until late. Weekends however can be a little more sporadic due to work. i update a weekly schedule of what games i am streaming and at what times in my discord channel every week. i also post on Twitter Facebook and Instagram what i am streaming that night and what time, feel free to follow me on any social media or join the discord chat with all the legends!! Discord -
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or link for Youtube here:
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Hey guys, I do not ever request donations. However if you feel the need to help out the stream with some better quality and games then here is a page you can donate to my stream.

My Gaming List

All of these games i am currently playing, feel free to suggest any games you would like to see me stream sometime. P.s they are not in any particular order *Player Unknown Battlegrounds *Minecraft *The Forest *Dyling Light *7 Days to Die *COD WW2 *COD Zombies *CSGO *Hearthstone *Dishonored 1/2 *Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice *Fortnite Battle Royal *Grand Theft Auto 5 *Diablo 3 *Rainbow Six Siege *Fallout 4 *Raft *Resident Evil 7 *Dead By Daylight


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Chrome Tokens!!

Hey Guys, so for all the time you put in watching my stream i am able to give you something back, this is how you accumulate Chrome Tokens During the stream. Viewers Will receive 5 Chrome Tokens every 10 minutes. Subscribers Will receive 15 Chrome Tokens every 10 minutes. Cheering All cheers will receive 10 Chrome Tokens for every 100 bits. Subscribing All subscribers will receive 500 Chrome Tokens upon subscribing. Following All followers will receive 5 Chrome Tokens upon following. Tipping All non anonymous tippers will receive 10 Chrome Tokens upon tipping. Hosts All hosts will receive 5 Chrome Tokens upon hosting.

Chat Rules

- No Links - No being rude or mean to the other legends in the chat - I don't mind swearing but not directed at anyone only in humorous context - No Spam - English Only Chat If these rules are broken you will be warned first timed out for a second offence, and 3rd strike your out (banned). please just be friendly and enjoy the company We all legends Here!