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Streaming VALORANT with 3 viewers

ChubbNassty streams VALORANT.

Subscriber Perks

1) Sub only chat in discord. 2) Double the chubb channel points 3) The spiciest emotes and sub badges ;) 4} Sub movie nights!!
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All donations go towards the improvement of the stream and resupply of Bunny Milk! Please don't feel as if you are obligated, and all donations are final- no refunds.
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Feel free to join the Chubb Army by clicking the link above! We are a loving and welcoming community who occasionally dabbles with ass.... Psstt...Drop your memes in the link above ;)
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This is where post either nassty clips, absolute fails, or pics of my ass jk jk. Welcome to my Instagram, button above!
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I'm a pretty relaxed streamer so the rules are simple. - Don't spam, I will read it eventually - Be respectful of those in chat and myself - Don't self promote - Don't ask to play, it's a subscriber perk -Don't be a cuck

Games I've beaten on stream or am playing

( * = Done) Borderlands The Pre Sequel* Borderlands 2* Destiny 2* Blair Witch* Borderlands 3* Links Awakening* Code Vein* Luigi's Mansion 3* Halo 1 - Legendary* Halo 2 - Legendary * World Of Keflings* Castle Crashers* Battle Block Theater* The Windwaker* Saints Row 2 *