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Loud, Scottish and sussy.

Rogue Energy

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Hi kittens! Do you need some extra energy and some yummy treats? Use code Chub for 20% off Rogue Energy :3

About Me

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Hi and welcome! My name is Meg/Chub and I am a Scottish streamer who now primarily plays Valorant - badly. Thank you for hanging out :3

Channel Rules

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Please be nice to each other and also to me. I want this to be a supportive community where everyone feels safe and welcome <3 If you are an ar** you will be banned :')


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Come join the discord to find out when I am going live.

Food :3

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If you want to buy me any food or treats here is a link cause I am bad at remembering to eat hehe


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There is no need to donate but if you decide to just know it means the world! Donations will not be refunded.


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If you choose to subscribe - THANK YOU MY ANGEL. You will get access to our lil chubchub emotes, soon to be upgraded and fun things like sub games <3


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Instagram - chubchubbychub_ttv Twitter - chubchubbychub_ TikTok - chubchubbychub


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Hi guys. This is a link to a privacy friendly wishlist. There is no expectation to get anything from here but if you do it is greatly appreciated <3