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i'd love to play you chill piano covers while you study/work/unwind. ♡

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hi, i'm claire! ♡

.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜✭・゜✫・。.・. a happy girl who plays chill piano music for you to unwind to! once upon a time i was a classical pianist who has performed across north america, in italy, and asia. now i cover edm, vgm, anime music, pop music - anything you want! currently i'm in the process of moving, so i don't have a stream schedule. i'll pop on randomly and announce it in my [**discord**](! ☆ [**instagram**]( ☆ [**youtube**]( ☆ [**twitter**]( ☆ [**tiktok**]( ☆ ✉ business email: (also available for private lessons, transcriptions, etc.)
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if u enjoy stream, super appreciated!! ♥️ ◦ [**venmo @clairytale**]( ◦ [**tip jar**]( ◦ [**housewarming wishlist!!!**]( ◦ (i'll open on stream & thank u personally ^__^)

how do i request?

☆ 500 channel points to suggest a song from the songlist (!sl) ☆ $10 - bump your request up & guarantee it gets played during this stream ☆ $25 - sheet music requests ☆ $50 - live learns by ear ☆ $100 - classical requests ☆ please see [**faq**]( for more details!
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perks: ☆ priority request on day of sub ☆ clairytale forest badges & emotes ☆ subs only chat & priority games ☆ 2x berries for requests & no ads ☆ [**sub for free**]( with amazon prime! background music by lofi girl on yt :)

i just want you to be happy. ^-^

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helpful commands: !faq - frequently asked questions !howtosr - song request instructions !sl - pulls up my full songlist !q - check the current queue