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I do a lot of speedrunning and challenge runs. I also play games with controllers that aren't meant to be played with such as DDR pads, steering wheels and pedals, and Guitar Hero controllers. I don't have a set schedule but I am currently streaming 3 to 4 days a week.


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Thank you for your support! Never expected but always appreciated.


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Check out my world record speedruns, strategy guides, blooper moments and more on YouTube!

Focus Pocus

I usually focus on my runs and have a hard time keeping up with chat. I'm not ignoring you, I just tend to make mistakes if I don't stay focused on my gameplay.


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Follow me on Twitter to find out what I'll be streaming and when I'll be streaming before I go live!

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Resident Evil 1 Leaderboards

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Resident Evil 1 Play Station: (Emulator) - [Jill-Any%- (Glitched) 55:51 ]( [Jill-Any%- (Glitchless) 59:14 (World Record)]( [Jill-100%- (Glitchless) 1:07:09 (World Record)]( [Jill-Knife Only- (Glitchless) 1:01:46 ]( [Chris-Any%- (Glitchless) 56:39 ]( Resident Evil 1 PC - [Jill-Any%- (Glitchless) 38:08 (World Record)]( [Jill-Any%- (Glitched) 35:38]( [Jill-100%-(Glitchless) 44:33]( [Chris-Any%-(Glitchless) 35:32]( [Chris-Any%-Knife Only-(Glitchless) 35:46]( Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (Emulator) - [Jill-Any%- 27:16]( [Jill-Any%- Knife Only- 28:51]( Jurassic Park (Sega Master System - Emu) - [Good Ending - 11:21 (World Record)]( Oceanhorn - [Any% - Warpless 1:10:38 (World Record)]( Obscure - [Co-op - Any% - Easy 24:34]( Never Alone - [Any% Solo - 56:12]( Syphon Filter - [Any% - Single Segment - 1:36:46]( Prototype Mansion - Episode 1 - [Any% - Easy - 6:24 (World Record)]( Countdown Vampires - [Any% - Normal - 1:24:23]( High Seas Havok - [High Seas Havok Any% 5:58]( Fun Challenges - Resident Evil 1 (No Damage Taken) 1:10:39 (Played on a Dance Dance Revolution pad) [Resident Evil 1 All Scenarios (Played on a Dance Dance Revolution pad) (DDR%) (Dancing with the S.T.A.R.S. Here is a link to a knife only run)]( Resident Evil 1 All Scenarios (Played With A Racing Wheel + Gas And Break Pedals) Resident Evil 1 (Walking Only) [Resident Evil 1 (One-Handed On Gamepad) 44:42](