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The name is Cloggo and I'm a Canadian Gamer that plays a wide variety of games!!


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Hey Everyone!! I work 7on 7off, so on my days off ill be streaming!! - My Time Zone is UTC-7 Mountain Standard Time. Monday 10am-4pm Tuesday 10am-4pm Wednesday 10am-4pm Thursday 10am-4pm Friday 10am-4pm Saturday and Sundays are random times

Welcome to my Stream!! Heres alittle tid-bit about me!!

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Hello Everyone n thanks for checking out my stream!! My name is Mike aka Cloggo and I'm 30yrs... i like to refer to myself as a Full-Time Gamer and a Part-Time Oil Sands Miner!! I play pretty much everything out there besides JRPGs... Mainly do play Sports, Shooters, RPGs and Horror Games n will be mostly streaming from my XboxOne with the odd PC stream and rare PS4 stream

Oil & Gas Clothing

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I've partnered up with a Local Clothing Brand called Oil & Gas Clothing. 20% off your orders by using my promo code "cloggo" at checkout!! Support our Friends at Oil & Gas Clothing and ALL the Hard Workers in the Oil n Gas Industry!!

Stream Improvement Donations

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Hey guys thanks for checking out my channel and i hope you enjoyed it!! If your feeling awesome, in the mood to help and extremely generous!! Please feel free to donate as little or as much you want to help me improve my stream to make it better for all in the future!! if you do donate please feel free to let me know how to improve my Stream!! Top Contributors to the Stream!! 1) PNWGamer12 2) Convict22 3) Devll12 4) meganrovi 5) cheesymuffins36 Love n Thank You All!!

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if your yet to use your Free Twitch Prime Sub for the Month and your really enjoying the stream, feel free to hit the subscribe button!! Much Appreciated!!


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Move into the Trailer Park Now!!


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