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Hey! My name is Nicole I'm 26 years old from Toronto, Canada! I am a variety streamer who streams a lot of horror games and just chatting... and yeah you will see me scream a lot if you watch long enough. Don't be afraid to come in the chat and say hi and join my discord!

About Me

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Hey! My name is Nicole I'm from Ontario, Canada. You'll find me streaming a variety of things such as Diablo 2, just chatting with my followers and playing some interactive games! I'd love to get into some new games so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear some! I hope you enjoy the stream


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Streaming schedule: I will try my best to stick to the streaming schedule: Wednesday: 6:00pm Friday: 6:00pm Saturday: 5:00pm With occasional days added on when I can!

Chat Rules

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1. Please respect me, my moderators and all other viewers watching the stream. We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE for assholes, do not come in here and harass my community! Have some manners, or be kicked out. 2. No advertising. Please do not advertise other streamers or yourself in my stream, that is really disrespectful to the broadcaster. 3. Don’t spam. Hyping up emotes in the chat is totally fine, but please don't post the same question or sentence over and over again. 4. English pls I like to keep my chat English only, just because that’s the only language I fully understand.


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These are extremely appreciated, though they are not needed This is a protection to the streamer, for the tip being received. By clicking on the Tip with Paypal button you are the rightful owner of the funds being donated in this transaction. There is a no refund policy. Only donate if you have the funds and thank you for understanding. Much Love.


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click image for link to instagram!

Wish list

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My wish list to help upgrade my streaming equipment.. this is extremely appreciated, though not needed so thank you in advanced.


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Join my discord to stay in touch with me and the community! Also for updates and future giveaways

Tik Tok

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Click image for link to TIk Tok!