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Elite Dangerous Streamer / Part-Time Content CreatorSometimes I stream other games like Mechwarrior Online and some single player stuff.


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**-Friday Nights 9 or 10 PM EST**: Elite Dangerous, no set activity. **-Saturday nights (Start 10 PM EST)**: Elite Dangerous Deep Space Other streaming nights are a bit random. Give the channel a follow and drop by!

My occasional efforts at Elite cinematography

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I don't upload often, but I put out cinematic style trailers and clips every once in a while.

So you think you're a badass?

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-I don't have many restrictions on what you do or say, just don't violate ToS, don't spam. -NO POLITICS / RELIGION unless we're specifically deviating into that on my agreement. We're here to forget about all of that stuff, even if it's just for a little while. -Don't be a scaly Richard.


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-Asus Crosshair VIII Hero -Ryzen 9 5900x -DarkRock Pro 4 CPU cooler (Kingpin KPx Compound) -EVGA 3080 FTW3 -32 GB DDR4 @ 3600 MHz CL16 (4x8) -29" LG 21:9 Ultrawide -24" MSI 144 Hz -WMR/VR: Samsung Odyssey+ -VKB NXT Gladiator Evo -Logitech X52 Pro Throttle

If you would like to donate and don't want to subscribe

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Donations and subs are absolutely not a requirement, but I'm providing an alternative for you who use cryptocurrencies if you would like to donate. In lieu of emotes, I'll pin you as a VIP