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Just sitting in my room streaming

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I am 18 and i sometimes stream not often dont enjoy it hassan made me do it


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Subscribing is obviously not required! Subscribing will give benefits of - Giving a Jumper next to your name (as seen in the panel) which will change the longer you have been a sub for! You will also gain access to cool emotes from my channel that you can use across twitch! As well as this you will also get the subscriber role in the discord (giving you a new colour there) and you can enjoy ad free viewing, which is pretty cool!


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[Donating]( is not needed or required to watch the stream, you can show love and support to the stream just by watching. If you do choose to donate make sure you are able to and the money is yours to donate! Thank you!


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Join CM's [Discord!]( A place where we can all vibe!