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Join Kid Drama for an intimate online set every Sunday between 18:00 and 20:00, live and direct from the spare room, listen and join in as he goes through his influences and mixes spanning across a 20+ year music career. Twice a month - The 10 Bag Sample Sessions, see ABOUT for more info.


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Starting with the inception of Instra:Mental (together with Alex Green) they earned themselves multiple awards, including an award winning FabricLive CD. This led to their brand residency at Fabric with their Autonomic nights, which was, incidentally, the name of their highly influential podcast. These nights saw the duo book artists like James Blake, Actress and Steve Spacek. Autonomic was a movement created together with dBridge that blurred the lines between all genres, seeing producers from Techno to Electro to Drum & Bass and Dubstep come together, if only for a brief harmonious period lasting a couple of years. Not one to rest on his laurels, Damon spent years touring the world as Jon Convex, working with highly influential artists such as Jimmy Edgar and playing alongside acts; Mark Pritchard, Machinedrum and Detroit legends AUX88, pushing bass heavy electro and techno that worked its way into the sets of the legendary Richie Hawtin. Damon’s return full circle to his Drum & Bass roots was borne from the camaraderie and friendly competitiveness of his fellow collaborators within the scene. Already with a string of impressive releases on labels Exit & Metalheadz and joint projects with long-time friend and sparring partner dBridge, he will continue to do what he has always done, stay grounded, make music from the heart and continually adapt and evolve.


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This is the link to the PayPal donation button, tips help towards being able to continue making music, get the music out there and of course, to help improve the stream for your viewing pleasure. Your continued support is very valued and appreciated.


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The almost unthinkable has happened, the world has changed irrevocably. To my mind, there is only one constant in all of this madness; The Arts. The one pivotal and strong unifier that has become apparent during these strangest of times, ironically enough, is the Internet. We can come together and unite over our love of music, we can talk, listen and share. This is what we hope to achieve through The Sunday Slipper Sessions, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, every Sunday between 18:00 and 21:00, turn on, tune in and drop out.