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Founder of the Fitness Protection Program, Podcaster at Morning Mantra, Run Coach, mom to 4 wife to 1. I live to #coachandlove you!


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Mary-Katherine Fleming is an avid marathoner, endurance specialist and (micro)podcaster based in Denver, Colorado. Produced 6 days per week, the Morning Mantra is about managing all of the stress and conflict that can interfere with your best-laid (training!) plans, centered around one strategy MK has been practicing consistently since 1998: mantras. New episodes drop each morning on iTunes and are under 10 minutes long. Start your day with a burst of confidence from Coach MK!

Daily Snarcasm and Motivation on Instagram!

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I say cool things in my podcast, and my assistant takes her favorite pullquote for Instagram. If podcasts just aren't your thing, you can get the best of the snippets here.


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My Twitch archive is housed on my YouTube channel, follow me so you don't miss anything!

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My name is MK Fleming, and I'm a (mostly running) coach in Denver, Colorado. Follow this channel to get live streams of strength workouts you can perform at your desk, my nightly foam rolling routine, and live Q&A sessions. Two people are going to care about your progress: you, and me. Most of the time I will care more than you do....which is what it means to be #coachedandloved