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nyaaa!! I'm Code! I'm a game loving Trans Catgirl VTuber who mostly focuses on positive/chill 2SLGBTQIA+ friendly vibes and playing a variety of games, leaning towards platformers, roguelites, fighters, and niche indie titles!! I hope ya enjoy my stream!! Follows are appreciated!!


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**✿ Streams are 5 nights are week** starting any time after **8pm EST**(6pm PST) **✿ Check @codemakura on Twitter for my CURRENT SCHEDULE and streaming notifications or join our Discord to get pinged~!**


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Hiya I'm **Code/Katie** I'm a **Trans-Catgirl Variety Vtuber** (She/They) who loves to play lots of different video games (> ᆺ ó )7~!! I usually try and get in 3 games a stream!! I grew up on the NES/SNES/PS1 and have a strong preference for Metroidvanias, Rougelites, Soulsborne, and MH-likes, and any type of versus game! I do have a history with achievement hunting but it's mostly just lowkey now a days! Any ways my streams are 2SLGBTQIA friendly and I like to do my best to keep a positive but chill vibe to my streams. I love meeting new people/chatting so feel free to chat me up while I chew through games & achievements!! I hope everyone enjoys the stream and has fun~!! **Official Youtube account** found by clicking the image above! Also check my Twitter for the latest! **CodeChannel Discord**

#BlackLivesMatter #ACAB

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Click the image above to find a list of helpful BLM organizations, bail funds and resources! PLEASE consider donating!! Thank you!! And here is a link to more relief: Black-LGBTQ+ Resources
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☕ Also Ko-fi is now available, 100% of your support will go directly to me through Ko-fi donations & subscriptions!


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🛑 *Donations or Ko-fi are always preferred over Subs, as Twitch doesn't take a 50% cut, but all support is appreciated* <3 Currently the stream is my only income so if you're interested in keeping me fed & streaming feel free to donate (◕ A ◕)/ Any support is super appreciated~!! You can donate to our Paypal at:

Rules & Guidelines

**►This Channel is 18+ Only** This channel is rated on Twitch for Mature Content, it is adults only. If you are found/suspected to be underage you will be removed. **►No derogatory/offensive language** We've got a zero strike policy on people who use derogatory, racist, homo/transphobic & offensive language. This includes any bullshit skirting the line. **►Please mind the Vibe!!** most of our viewers come here to relax, so please mind our channel's friendly chill atmosphere. If for *ANY* reason your making me or anyone else uncomfortable I'll show ya the door. **►I'm not your therapist!** No trauma dumping in here. Keep people's feelings in mind and avoid sensitive subjects such as suicide, physical/mental/substance abuse, self-harm, death, this isn't the place for those discussions, and could be incredibly upsetting for others. This stream is for everyone to enjoy. Needing to talk and reaching out to someone is important, but this isn't the time or the place during a live stream. **►No Spoilers/Backseat Gaming** Please avoid spoilers, that includes story, bosses, and things like item locations. If I want to know something I'll specifically ask! But please don't be that person directing or distracting the streamer/excessively pushing how to play/or worst baiting the streamer, it's mean spirited and not our vibe here.

Support Transgender Lives

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Given the recent legislative attacks on Transgender Youth in Texas, please consider donating to these organizations: Also pleasure consider donating to these Trans/LGBTQIA2S+ Organizations!! Trans Empowerment Project The Trevor Project:!/donation/checkout


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