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Gaming since Atari from the Silicon Valley, where it all started. Mainly playing Warcraft, Day Z, Warthunder, Battlefront, Rocket League, Steel Ocean, World of Warships, Miscreated, Arma 2, SWTOR, and many others.

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Feel free to follow me on Twitter. Bear in mind I'm an old man and haven't fully grasped the Twitter thing I promise to get better and keep in touch!!!!!
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1 No Racism 2. No mention of streamsniping 3. No bad mouthing other streams 4. Ask to post links 5. This is a mature stream and I'm all about the funny, say what you want just use common sense and general decency. 6. Comedy Trumps All but if it's just hurtful and not funny you will be permabanned. 7. Webcam......It'll never happen!!!!!!
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In my Twitch travels I have met many awesome people too many to name them all but here"s a few so give 'em a shot!

Special Shout

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Special Thanks to Tinylebowski, Tynka, and Geriatric Ginger for making the banners and overlays say Hi when U see 'em in chat!!!!


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If you would like to contact me by Email you can do so at

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If you would like to commission Grumps for any graphic art contact him at