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The best worst streamer. I'm here to make people smile, or die trying. This channel is a safe space and everyone is welcome!

About me:

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Hi there! My name is Rhys, but I go by many names! (mainly "idiot" to a lot of my friends). I'm 22, non-binary and I'm pretty much here to be a chaotic but safe space for anyone and everyone looking to un-wind and laugh at a corgi-obsessed fool (that's me btw). This channel is LGBTQIA+ and mental health inclusive, so we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any form of hate, unless its jokingly at me. I play literally everything I find remotely fun and when we're not playing, we're watching dumb stuff together and just chatting. Feel free to pop into chat and say hi, or just lurk if you fancy! Either way, I hope you'll enjoy your time with us!

Donations & Tips

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Feel free to donate! (donations are non-refundable) I don't expect donations of any kind, but if you decide you wanna throw some comi-cash my way that would mean the world to me! All donations will be read out at the end of stream and the money will go towards upgrading equipment, making new emotes and extending the channel! BIT ALERTS: Cant do math - 4 A knife - 5 Multi slap - 10 AM or FM - 12 Rage - 15 Long cat - 17 Cat bop - 28 Scream - 30 Break the cat - 35 AAAAAA - 50 Sbeve - 65 oh my~ - 69 Woah..Nice bits - 75 Chug Jug- 95 I <3 you bish - 100 Bear boi - 200

My Discord:

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Come join, talk, and even play games with us! My Discord is a safe space, any trolls or people who join with the intent of harassing me, my mods or my community will be banned.


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Wanna buy me something pretty? Check out my Throne Wishlist and send gifts while keeping your information safe! Most things on here will go towards stream quality upgrades, but you can also choose to just treat me personally too. (All donations are purely optional and also non-refundable)


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A list of games I'm hoping to buy and maybe even stream soon! (you don't have to donate/buy me anything at all to be my friend, but it would mean a heck of a lot to me!)


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Sometimes I forget to eat when streaming, wanna remind me while being a frickin amazing person? Feel free to buy me some food! ||This is purely optional but if you do send me something it would mean the world to me :)|| (no-refunds)