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Artist. Ass man. Brownie enthusiast.


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#Artist. Bad adult. Brownie enthusiast. ##Email me at If you'd like to contact me about a commission * [**Gallery:**]( My artwork can be found here * [**@CommodoreKD:**]( If you care about the dumb shit I say


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#Will art for dollars. You would have my eternal gratitude. If you'd like to throw a little money at me, I definitely won't stop you. + [**Click here to give money/ receive hugs and kisses**](


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#Don't be a dick. If you insist on being a dick, you can take your business elsewhere. I'm laid back. I keep bans and timeouts very limited, but I will not hesitate to time you out if you are: * Being an asshole to another member of chat, a guest on the stream, or me personally * Being hateful. Racism, sexism, homophobia will not be tolerated * Posting pornographic links * Being scummy about self promotion or trying to draw people away from my stream * Spamming. It's irritating. Don't do it I will ban you if you continue to act like a dick after being told to stop.


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#I'll stream art from time to time. I find that having someone watching helps keep me focused. I won't keep to any sort of schedule, but I'll do this whenever I can so I don't get so distracted.