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Newish to the twitch community but cannot wait to get to know my future followers and travel down this road together.


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Monday-8pm EU-1030PM EU (Tentative) Tuesday-8PM EU-1030PM EU Wednesday-8PM EU-1030PM EU Thursday-8PM EU-1030PM EU Friday-8PM EU-1200AM EU Saturday-8POM EU-1200AM EU

Le Discord

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Come chill with the fam bam!


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Donations are not at all required, but are greatly appreciated and will be used to better the stream.


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1. No racial or sexual slurs, these offenses will result in a ban. 2. Be mindful of your comments ; what you may not find insensitive/ offensive someone else might. 3. Have fun and be respectful, please. 4. Curse words are allowed but again, be mindful. 5. It is understandable that they're may be a language barrier in some cases, again be mindful of the others within the community. 6. HAVE A GREAT TIME

About me

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Names RAW_Silverback, I'm excited to be streaming on this platform and I cant wait to meet all you awesome people.