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Welcome, I'm Baz aka Conflate, dnb dj & producer based near Bristol UK. Come join myself, my dog Bruno & my cichlid fish tank for a varied selection of dnb and music production streams.

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About Me

Dnb Head & Junglist since way back in 2002. Northern monkey now living in Somerset. Spent the noughties raving it up in Bristol and getting involved in the dnb scene with dj gigs for all the big nights in Bristol. Was even lucky enough to play on the valve sound system. I also ran coaches to events. They where good times. Past few years ive learned to produce, had 3 releases now, with some of my releases getting support from Ray Keith, London Electricity, Keeno, Nicky Blackmarket and many more. Got myself set up on here to share my passion for mixing DnB, so i hope you will join, myself, my dog Bruno and my cichlid fish tank, oh and some DnB bangers.

Set Up

2 x Technics 1210 mk2 Behringer ddm900 usb mixer Shit Ton Of DnB Records Hp Laptop Running Serato SL2 Kenwood Amp 2 x Technics Speakers 2 x Acoustic Solutions Speakers LG Sub Gaming PC For Running the live Streams i7 Processor, 32 gb Ram