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Hello there, I kinda Stream whenever. I stream both Fortnite STW and BR, as well as Genshin Impact doing FULL account reviews and other things, now as well Honkai Star rail.

About Me

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Hello there! I am Isaiah a 19 year old trying to make his way by streaming and working part time. I stream Monday-Thursday: usually 9am-12 or 1pm


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If you CHOOSE to subscribe to my twitch channel you gain the amazing benefits of * 14 awesome emotes that I made *9 Static and 5 Animated * Subscriber only chat and streams * You get to show off your awesome sub badges that I made * Your awesome for subscribing thank you! 😀😊

Awesome Stuff

Some Wicked stuff of this channel: DarkUtachi-First follower: 4 years+ ago First Sub and Longest SUB- SP3C1ALK with 38 months + First Big Raid-DemonJoeFrance 200+ viewers (Sometime during 2020) First Big YT video: Minecraft Custom Fnaf seed- 22k+ views

My setup

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PC specs (2023) Intel i7-11700k ASUS ROG STRIX Z590 Motherboard with Wifi 6e 32 gb Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB ram EVGA 360 All in One Liquid cooler EVGA PSU 850w gold MSI RTX 3070 8gb Western Digital 500gb NVMe SSD Western Digital 4tb HDD Samsung 2tb NVMe SSD Corsair 7000d airflow Corsair k55 RGB pro Keyboard Logitech G502 Wired Mouse Corsair H710 headset


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Youtube YEP Where I either upload Genshin Summons or something random (That's by clicking on the panel) Twitter- Only other basic social media Join the discord !discord