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i play videogames badly and i sometimes do art badly. i dont take much seriously. like capitalisation or ending sentences in a sensible


yes i am max, thanks for asking my hairline is disappearing and i have a fat cat. i wonder if they're related i stream when i want and im just here to get some social interaction taking videogames seriously is for good gamers and we ain't about that here i will say your name wrong [twitter](
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i was forced to make [this]( we share memes and make fun of me, it's a good time also we decide other games to play on stream sometimes also also you can find the secret menu if you're a real one if you're subbed (why????) you can link your discord and twitch account so you can use the emotes on discord, and get access to a sub-only channel in the discord and a discord role so regular people in the discord server know you're better than them
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[here's]( where i dump low-effort edit projects once every 6 months basically just stream highlights for now

i persist off canned beans

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if you want to throw your money away but dont want amazon to steal like half of it then use [this link]( i just wish you made better life choices

i'm not creative enough to make everything

here's some wonderful people that made things for me: some emotes by dragonblaze23: [twitter]( twitch/twitter banner by Bunsy: [twitch]( | [twitter]( offline image by Twixels: [twitch]( they are good people