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Let's make it happen captain! Enjoy the streams and join the community!👍 For socials


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Click on the image above to check out linktree for all social platforms!


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So if you are tuning into the streams, you can tell my scheduling is super all over the place. I currently am doing night shifts and hope to start streams no later than 2AM CST. If you want to see a chart for scheduling click the image above! It would give a more in depth chart for the schedule and it also has multiple months for scheduling ahead. Thanks to all!


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!hello: Hello, how are you $(user)! !hype: LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN CAPTAIN!!! !lurk: Thank you for supporting the channel BB! hope you are having a wonderful day $(user)! !mouth: Your mouth is open dummy $(count)! !socials: This one link will guide you to a world of socials! !welcome: Welcome to the stream $(touser)! I hope you are having a wonderful day! !discord: If you would like to chat and share, please peep the discord bruddas!

About me!

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Hello to all supporters! I am 25 years old, working in law enforcement. I am wanting to gather together a super chill community that wants to vibe together in the stream! I love FPS, but I do want to expand for more content for everyone! Please enjoy the community and be respectful.