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I speedrun Super Mario 64.

Social Media

Here is [My Twitter](, and my PBs and highlights are uploaded to my [Speedrun YouTube Channel]( I also [make speedrun-related videos]( and [whatever comes to my head](

Personal Bests

**Super Mario 64** (70 Star, N64) - 50:24 **Super Mario 64** (16 Star nolblj, N64) - 16:59 **Timesplitters 2** (Any% Easy, PS2) - 26:54 In-Game Time **Timesplitters 2** (Any% Easy Co-Op, PS2) 23:38 In-Game Time (Played with Swoodeasu) You can also visit my [ account]( for leaderboards.


I have no need for donations! But I still enjoy them from time to time. [Donation Page Here](