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I'm that gay dog who has done art for someone you watch.

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Click the link to purchase any of the products I've designed on Redbubble. They are all nonsensical or something that means a lot to me and there is no inbetween.
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#My art streams will follow the following schedule: ##Monday–Friday 2PM–5PM All other streams I tend to host at night or on weekends, and I'll typically announce them during my art streams.
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Donate to either a cause I'm raising money for, or myself directly. Ask before you donate where the money is going this time. I'm always transparent with donations and will post receipts of the charities I donate to on my social media.

Frequently Asked Questions!!

### What are you working on? I'm a illustrator, animator, graphic designer, and whatever else kind of artist that people need. I work on a very wide spectrum of projects. Use the !commission command in the chat to learn about the current project. ### What are your pronouns? Any of them. I'm a gender goop. ### What programs do you use for your work? + Adobe (After-Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, Audition) + Clip Studio Paint + Blender + Live2D ### Have you done art for anyone I know? Probably! I've been doing commissions for years. Some of my more notable clients include: + Joe Zieja, voice actor for Claude (FE3H), Bumblebee (Transformers: War for Cybertron, Fox McCloud (Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins), Persona 5: Strikers + Justin Wong ( + Dabuz (Top Smash player) + Hotashi (Guilty Gear, UNI, DBFZ) + James W Baek (Pokémon VGC: + Allister (Top Pokkén Player) + Miamosas (Former TO for Michigan Masters) ### Can I show you my art? Hell yeah, homie. Just ask if now is a good time. ### How do I change my little characters on the stream? If you're on PC, there's a little button on the stream right above my head that says "SA" or "Stream Avatars", its that. If you're on Mobile, there's a button beneath the stream that will do the same thing.